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Embodying the Creativity of Life Force

29th July – 3rd August


Exploring the Relational Body

Touch&PlayUK is rooted in Contact Improvisation, somatic practice and the exploration of its edges.  The UK gathering is growing its roots strongly in Contact Improvisation as an embodied and individuated practice. 

The Touch&Play movement has a rich history of exploration through finding out and experiencing. Evoking a sense of diverse tribe through experimental qualities of play in consensual environments, gives us a rich ground in which to explore and create community together.

EARLYBIRD: advance ticket sales are open




A call for Teachers, Facilitators and Creatives 

Touch&PlayUK is looking for our 2023 team

This years theme:

“Embodying the Creativity of Life Force  – Exploring the Relational Body”

Application deadline is 26th February, the team will be confirmed by the 5th March.

“Touch&Play turned out to be the sweetest bunch of folks ever! People were welcoming, fun, playful and respectful, from the organizers right on down. The teaching teams had great things to offer, and a wide variety of things, so i think everyone found topics of interest. I’ll be back!

Betty Martin – developer of the Wheel of consent


“A unique experience

Kamila – detox emocional


“Touch&Play has been a tourning point in my life. I felt that finally the Ana that lives in myself exploted fully and in complet freedom. This is priceless. Thanks for creating spaces to explore ourselfes in relationship to others.”




And tickets are going fast. If you feel the call reserve your spot in advance.