Venue & Practicalities

This years event is being hosted by the beautiful EarthSpirit Centre located on a potent piece of countryside close to Glastonbury Tor. The lush green land cradling the retreat center is imbued with iron age history and ancient pagan rituals. Our venue this year is very luxurious and will easily cater to our every need. They offer a range of sleeping options the use of their spa is included in the festival. For more details please visit the EarthSpirit website.

The Venue



  • 2 indoor dance spaces.
  • A large spacious Marquee
  • Communal dinning room
  • Sexy Space
  • Dungeon
  • Hot Tub & Sauna
  • Meditation room
  • Tea room




  • Outdoor terrace
  • Flower and herb garden
  • Woodland Park
  • Beautiful village
  • Hill Fort
  • 1000 year old Yew tree on church grounds.


  • High quality accommodation.
  • Caravans and Yurts
  • Camping area.
  • Camper Van Parking Spaces


Personal items to enjoy and be comfi: Sunny days, cold nights. swimming costume, insect repellent, toiletry bag, rain gear, dance clothes, dress-up costumes, cash, earplugs, towel, slipper or comfi shoes, water bottle, journal, headlamp, a book, toys…


Delicious vegetarian meals.

“The food at EarthSpirit has a well deserved reputation and is loved by the participants. It is an integral part of the experience of being there. It is delicious, healthy, nourishing and varied. The cooks are creative and present the food beautifully.” Jan Day



Please visit the earthspirit website for details


Festival ends August 5th at 14:00.

Final departures by 16:00.


Participants are welcome on the 30th July at 17:00.

Registrations time is from 18:00 to 19:30.

Work exchange participants will need to arrive by 13:00.  Soothe and Care team members will need to arrive by 16:00 for their 16:00

(Teacher arrival: July 29th at 16:30.)

PRICING : Sliding scale. More info on the registration page.