EarthSpirit Center near Glastonbury
The UK Touch&Play Experiment 2022
30th July - 5th August
The UK Touch&Play Experiment 2022
Landscapes of Myth and Mystery
After a wonderfully successful 2021 festival we return to the ancient lands of Avalon for our second yearly gathering. Cradled in this ancient landscape of myth and sacred mystery we will call in and weave together six days of dancing and feasting, six days of embodied sensuality, ritual and exploratory sexuality.
Welcome to the Touch&Play Movement
This year as each day unfolds and the unfurling of the week reveals itself we’ll drop deeper into the sacred ritual of sensual play and the exploration of body and self. In the day we explore, we play, we dance and make connections.
….as the night closes in we will step into the ritual hours, opening to myth and mystery. The UK Touch&Play Experiment is founded on the practices of Contact Improvisation, dance, sexuality, embodiment, kink, play, expression and exploration.
At its heart Touch&Play is a vision for reclaiming the sacredness of the body. We create this opportunity to imagine a new way of being in relationship that centers on play, imagination, healing and reconnection to ourselves our communities and nature. We invite you to come home to this diverse community of dancers, somatic explorers and embodied humans. This is a movement about vulnerability and building community rich in emotional, sensorial and erotic intelligence.

with love

DeeJay, Jamus Wood & Lee Bolton